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For years, Wallace Pierce Law has dedicated itself to assisting accident victims in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since then, our lawyers have intentionally devoted their time and careers to helping people who have been injured through no fault of their own.

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Have you been injured in a Raleigh Accident? Call Wallace Pierce Law.

The road to recovery after an accident is unfortunately a long one, especially if the injures are serious. Not only are you dealing with various degrees of pain but you are also facing expensive medical bills and lost income from missing time at work to go to doctors appointments.

Medical bills add up quickly but your regular bills don’t stop coming due. Have you thought about how you are going to pay for all of the co-pays or diagnostic tests that are required? How are you going to cover your rent or mortgage if your doctor has written you out of work? A Raleigh Personal Injury Attorney can help.

If you have been the victim of an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to be burdened with these worries. That is where Wallace Pierce Law steps in. We are here to assist you in any way we can whether it is answering questions or by dealing with the insurance companies and medical providers on your behalf. Our knowledgeable team is experienced in handling Raleigh Personal Injury cases so we understand the struggles you may be going through. The accident claim process can be tedious and confusing but at Wallace Pierce Law, our goal is to focus on getting you the compensation you deserve while you focus on getting better.

Cases We Handle


When you are hurt in a car accident, you may be faced with recovering lost income, paying medical bills, getting your car fixed and healing from any injuries.


Motorcycle drivers do not have the same protection as drivers in cars.  You may be facing severe injuries and a lengthy recovery period of being out of work.


Trucks are much more powerful than cars an if you were hit by a truck driver, the chances are increased that you will have serious injuries and a badly damaged vehicle.


Dealing with a loved one passing away is hard enough.  If you believe their passing was the result of someone’s negligence, contact a Raleigh personal injury attorney.


Were you injured on the job?  The road to recovery may be long and filled with new challenges like lost wages and medical bills.  Don’t let an adjuster string you along.


If you were injured because another party failed to address dangerous or hazardous conditions, ask a Raleigh personal injury attorney if you are entitled to compensation.